Saggar Twist Vase


Every saggar firing is like Christmas morning when I was a little kid. Tearing into packages to see what awaited me. The thrill of a cool toy. The agony of dress socks. Saggar firing can be hit or miss sometimes. The process involves spraying each piece with an iron compound and then wrapping them in crumpled heavy-duty aluminum foil. Just before the foil is tightly sealed, I add a bit of miracle grow, a pinch of kosher salt and all manner of combustibles such as sawdust, seaweed or even dried melon rinds. Then tumble all of the foil balls into the outdoor raku kiln and fire it for a few hours. What mysteries await? In this case, something wonderful.

4.5″ h X 3.5″ w X 3.5″ d

All saggar fired pottery is decorative and should not be used to hold food or liquid.

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